Stickney 7 HP

Specs are:
Stickney Engine Company, 7 HP @ 300 RPM
Bore X Stroke= 6 3/4" X 8"  Serial # 17863, Built in 1910, Flywheels are 38" in diameter.
The engine weights an even ton!

Wow what a chance, did we really have the chance to get this engine??

I saw the Stickney already during the "Hell On Wheels Tour 1"  in 2000.
I'd never thought it would be mine a year later. looks quite small compared with the 20 HP Stickney don't you think?
Yes it's the gray engine.

My good friend George Best (who made the Stickney deal happen) went to get the Stickney to his place. The previous owner asked him if he would show it at the Brooks (OR) show so he could see it one more time at a show.

I crated the engine myself (with help from George) when I was at George place in August 2001.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the crating, but I have pics of the "uncrating" .
We got the engine's home on December 21st 2001.

After I reassembled the engine again it was time to have it running.
Here's the living proof that a Stickney will even run in the "Dutch" snow;-)

Front view of the engine, sure is different than most engines!

Dad with the engine.

Camshaft & governor.
It has a Canadian tag, it says:

This is a drawing from a Stickney brochure from about 1913. We though it would be nice to make it on a cart just like the drawing.


We had to make a set of trucks for this engine so we can take it to the shows. Here's the first picture of the cart making:

Here the cart is pretty much finished, it's almost 10' long!!

On April 3rd we finally got the cart parts back from the sand blasting shop.
I painted the wheels on Thursday evening (red) and the rest of the cart on Friday afternoon.
Saturday April 6th we reassembled the cart and were ready to place the engine on it.

The other problem was to get the engine in place... Since we don't have a forklift or overhead crane we had to find out something else. We set it up on two propane bottles on the head side, and had it "hanging" between a workbench and hydraulic press on the flywheels side. Believe me, it's HEAVY!!! 2000lbs! 

Almost finished, looking pretty impressive IMO. It still need some "finishing touch" though.

The Stickney at the Nuenen International engine show.

More to come....



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