IHC Famous 6 HP

Specs Are:
 International Harvester Company Famous hopper cooled engine. sn # JD 2783 6 HP
@ 325 RPM Bore X Stroke = 5 1/2 X 9" Built in 1912 Flywheels are 40 1/2" diameter.

This is a picture we got from Canada.
It's a 6 HP hopper cooled gasoline engine with hit&miss governing.

Famous at his new home. The biggest set back was that the cylinder was cracked inside at the back. It was only 1 1/2" long so we decided to mount a ring at the end of the cylinder instead of re-sleeving the complete cylinder. We made a ring from an old liner of a Deutz marine engine.

This engine has a big 24" clutch pulley. Even the wooden liners seems to be original.
The clutch only weights 200 lbs. The flywheels are 260 lbs each. This makes 620 lbs of moving iron!

The Famous is a very good running engine, and an easy starter.
It run's idle at 95 RPM only hits 3 times per minute.



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